With over 30 years of extensive educational experience, Leanne Tormey is the founder of The Leanne Tormey Advantage, which focuses on advocating and representing the interests of children experiencing academic difficulties. Beyond her professional life, Leanne Tormey enjoys photography, ballet, yoga, and engaging in mindfulness practice.

Mindfulness is a form of meditation resulting in an enhanced awareness of sensations, feelings, and thoughts in a particular moment. The idea behind mindful practice is to allow free entry and release of sensations and emotions without over-analyzing or judging them. Mindfulness practices include guided imagery and breathing methods aimed at relaxing the mind…

Dr. Leanne Tormey believes “Bravery Matters” and that through sharing our personal stories, we help one another to cope with the challenges life surely presents.

I grew up at a time when dating in high school meant deciding to be connected to someone you liked; someone with whom you developed both a sweet and, let’s face it, teenage hormonal infatuation. It meant talking on the phone until all hours, and being seen as a couple at football games, parties, late night drive-thru runs, and prom. I dated two great guys in high school, but without a doubt, they were in charge. They set the tone, called the shots, and they ultimately decided if, and how long, our relationships lasted. I felt lucky to have their…

Be Brave is written by Leanne Tormey, EdD who loves hearing from readers.

Leanne Tormey, EdD is an educator and advocate who knows all-too-well that the journey toward finding your voice can be filled with peaks, valleys, and yes, peril.

Welcome, friends. My name is Leanne Tormey, and in 2014, I earned my Doctoral degree from the University of Connecticut in Educational Leadership.

In writing my dissertation, I discovered a life-changing text, entitled, “Women’s Ways of Knowing” by Mary Belenky. Not only did this seminal work provide the theoretical lens for my research, but it helped me to understand the role that trauma plays in a woman’s journey, and the struggle to find her own voice.

I have been blessed not only to survive trauma, but to thrive as a result; and I invite you to join me as we talk about why “Bravery Matters”.

Leanne Tormey

Leanne Tormey — Believer that Bravery Matters in all things and that by sharing our stories we can find healing.

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